Pressure Point’s director, Clare Riddell has over 16 years sports massage experience working with a range of clients from recreational to international athletes. Sports massage is not just for the sporting individual; deep tissue massage is
beneficial for anyone, no matter what their age and can aid with a range of injuries and chronic problems.

Services offered are described below and are priced by time rather than treatment allowing clients to work within their time and budget constraints.

Sports Massage

This treatment will be adapted to suit your individual needs, whether it be pre or post event massage, deep tissue techniques to help prevent injury, or specific work for conditions such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, runners knee etc.

Many injuries or aches and pains are caused by poor posture. Postural assessment will identify areas of chronically shortened muscles and weak areas that may cause imbalance. You will experience a range of tests and measurements to give you a good understanding of how to improve your body position by strengthening and stretching exercises.

Full Body MOT Postural Assessment

If you are interested in how your body functions this is a great way to get some detailed analysis. This session will include range of movement (RoM) on all joints of the body, postural assessment, measurement of leg length discrepancy, blood pressure, heart rate, lung function and body composition tests. This will give you a detailed starting point for any programme you wish to pursue, with advice to develop weaker areas.